Friday, September 26, 2014

Time to add another section to our quilt

Happy Fall,

October is one of my favorite month, I love the transition into the cooler weather.
I am looking forward to the winter months, I love the sewing that is accomplished during those times.

I pulled out  my bucket of orphan blocks, I think it actually has grown a little bit since last month. I love putting together orphan block quilts, you don't have to think, you don't really have to do much planning, everything just seems to go together. Worked on the next section, just a variety of different blocks. The section measures 12.5" x 56.5"

Add the section to the right side of your quilt. Your quilt should  now measure 56 1/2 in.²
Some of you you might be running short with your orphan blocks or maybe you want to lap size quilt. If you want to stop now and add borders, I would recommend a 2 inch inner border and a 6 inch outer border. Your quilt will finish 72 in.².

For those of you making a large quilt and  continuing on the journey, stay tuned for next post. In the meantime have a great week full of stitching. Email me if you have any questions at all.
 Happy stitching,

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  1. Thanks again for the inspiration! I have two sides attached and I'm working on getting the third done. I've been learning a lot about piecing blocks and this orphan quilt is the perfect way to use all my less than perfect practice patchwork. I have a picture here: