Monday, December 22, 2014

Out of orphan blocks here, two different ways to finish your quilt.

Good evening,

I hope you are enjoying the holiday season. Trying to finish up things here, ready to start on new ones next year. I hope you are making good progress on your orphan block quilts. I have made quite a few of them and it is sad that I don't have enough orphan blocks left to do another one. I guess that is a good thing.

There are two different ways to finish your orphan block quilt, right now your quilt should measure 82 1/2 inches square. If you are out of orphan blocks like I am, it is time to add borders, if you have more orphan blocks, instructions are given on how to finish just using orphan blocks.

I added two borders to my orphan block quilt. First I added a 3 inch white border to frame the orphan blocks, then I added a 8 inch brown outer border. My quilt finished to 104 in.².

If you have more orphan blocks and you want to continue, you are going to add four more sections to your quilt. To each of the sides you were going to add a section of orphan blocks that measures 12.5" x 82.5". Your quilt will then measure 106 in.² by 82 1/2 in.².

Next you will add a section of orphan blocks to the top and the bottom of your quilt. This section will measure 12 1/2 inches by 106 1/2 inches. That will give you a final measurement of 106 in.².

I have enclosed photos of my orphan block quilt. I would love to see some photos of yours or post them on the Flickr page.

Have a wonderful holiday season and email me anytime.

Happy stitching,

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