Saturday, June 28, 2014

Time to have a lot of fun with the orphan blocks.

 Good afternoon friends,
This is the part you have been waiting for, we are going to start adding those orphan blocks. If you have any questions at all, just e-mail me or post a comment any time.
Your center medallion square should measure 32 in.². If it doesn't, add a solid border  to get it to that size.
We are going to work on adding a unit underneath  our center medallion  that will measure 12 1/2 
 by 32 1/2.  This is a picture of the unit that I added.

My unit consist of different size of the blocks  with even some filler squares  between the blocks .  The block diagram looks like this.

As you can see the first thing I did was use a couple of 5 inch blocks,  in between them  I put random squares , you could also use a strip of fabric there .  I did the same thing  towards the end of the block between the 6 inch and 4 inch blocks.  My goal was just to get my unit to measure 12 1/2 inches by  32 1/2 inches.

Maybe you have large blocks, you could put two large blocks with smaller blocks in between them  as it shows in this diagram .

Maybe you have smaller blocks,  noticed how I use mostly three and 4 inch blocks ,  there is a 2 inch strip between the two sets of 4 inch blocks , that could be a strip , that could be a series of blocks or a series of squares , the possibilities are endless. Once you start, it is just like putting together a puzzle , it, it is a lot of fun.

 If you're thinking, I don't have a lot of three-inch blocks or I'm short 12 inch blocks, and you want to make a couple ,  simple block patterns are provided here.

The block pattern as well as foundation patterns can be printed off , there are  a variety of blocks that are really easy to put together.   I will continue to add different blocks with every section.

 When I add the two units together,  my quilt will now measure  32" x 44" .  Next time we will work on a smaller unit that will go on the top of the quilt.

We then will continue working on the sides and adding units to make our quilts larger.   Any questions, please ask.  E-mail me at or post a comment.   I can't wait to see what you come up with.

Happy stitching,


Some of my orphan block quilts

Good afternoon,

 I'm going to post instructions for us to start adding the orphan blocks. First I would just like you to take a couple of minutes and look at some of my orphan blocks quilts. There really isn't any rhyme or reason as to where the blocks fall, an orphan block quilt is really scrappy, you can use your blocks, extra squares extra strips whatever you have in your stash. Sort out your blocks by sizes and you'll be ready to go.  Maybe our quilts will look a little bit more organized because we started with a medallion.

I know some of you are going to have a hard time maybe placing a blue  block next to a blue block , maybe mixing reproduction fabrics with regular fabrics, but in the end as you can see, it will be fine.

While you look at the pictures, I will be writing instructions for the next step. Enjoy your Saturday and get ready to have some fun.

Happy  stitching,

Monday, June 16, 2014

Last Border Before the Orphan Blocks

Dear friends,

I hope you are enjoying the warmer weather we have been having. Plenty of sunshine and I know that some of you are more busy now that the children are out of school.

We are moving on to the last border of the medallion and then we will start adding our orphan blocks. Some of you might want to add orphan blocks even in the corners of this round. 

The first option for the next border is solid cornerstones. 

Cut four strips  4.5" x 24.5"
Cut four  4.5" squares

The second option is putting blocks in the corners, the blocks I used were orphan blocks that were left over from a swap.

Cut four strips  4.5" x 24.5"
Choose four 4  inch orphan blocks.


If you do not have any orphan blocks that are 4 inches in your stash, and you want to use that option, three patterns have been provided for you. This shoofly, and eight pointed star, and a pinwheel pattern have been posted along with the foundations to put the blocks together. If you would like to use these blocks, click here
These are your two choices side-by-side,

 Here is the preview  of how we will continue.  You will be placing your orphan blocks  that you have in your stash  around the center.  Different options will be given every month and blocks patterns will also be supplied for those that don't have enough orphan blocks.  They might not be the same patterns as pictured .
I will post the next instructions at the beginning of July. That will give you a couple of weeks to catch up on your borders. If you fall behind, it will be really easy to catch up once we are using the orphan blocks. It is so much fun to pull orphan blocks out of your stash and use them.
Have a great week, happy stitching,
 And as always if you have any questions, drop me an e-mail  or post here

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Second border

Good evening,

It is hard to believe that it is June one already, the month of May went by so fast. We are ready to work on our next border, you actually will get a chance to use some orphan blocks in the following border. I have really enjoyed your photographs and hearing from you, glad that you are enjoying the process.

Your block should measure 18 1/2 inches now, you have four different choices for the next round.

First choice is to put a solid border around what you have done so far.

Cut two strips 3.5" x 18.5".
Cut two strips 3.5" x 24.5"


Your second choice  is to add a border with cornerstones .
 Cut four strips 3.5" by 18.5"
 Cut four cornerstones 3.5 in.²

 Next choice, how about half square triangle units.

Assemble 28 3 1/2 inch half square triangle units . Combined 6 half square triangle units to form two sides and 8 half square triangle units to form the other two sides. Your block should now measure 24 1/2 in.²
 If you would rather do some appliqué, how about adding some circles around the block. I used perfect circles and made 24  2 1/4 inch circles. I positioned the circles evenly around  the square and then I machine appliquéd them. If it is easier you can add to circles to the strips  and then add the strips to your block.

Cut two strips 3.5" x 18.5".
Cut two strips 3.5" x 24.5"

  No matter what you choose, just have fun with it. You can make it scrappy or you can make it more organized with color. Just remember  in order to make it looks somewhat like a medallion orphan block quilt, we have to do a couple of borders  first , one more border and we will really get into using the orphan blocks. If you have any questions at all,  post to the comments or e-mail me.

Happy stitching,